Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This Month I'm Thankful For...

I'm not ready. I'm digging my heels into the fall season and refusing to budge. I'm not ready for the red Starbucks cups. I'm not ready to think about the holiday shopping. I'm still enjoying All That is Fall - the leaves still need to be raked to the curb, there are still pumpkin treats to be made - there's more fall to savor.

November is sort-of the the unsung hero of fall. Thanksgiving is the focus but in reality, it's one wonderful day followed by another day of lounging around in elastic pants. Let's celebrate the rest of November - and leave out the gelatinous cranberry stuff.

This month is all about reflection and tradition - I'll be sharing what I'm Thankful for This Month - alphabetical style. Check-in throughout the month and share your fall favorites too!

I'm Thankful For Apples
Too easy right? But in all seriousness, they are hands down my favorite food. 

As I kid, my mom created my all-time favorite snack - apple slices, chunks of cheese and Ritz crackers - carefully arranged on a little plate. To this day I can't recreate her apple cuts or plating arrangements.

Later, as a 26-year-old with braces, I counted down the days until I could bite into a juicy apple instead of coring, slicing and dicing. Driving away from the orthodontist (forever!) and biting into a Granny Smith was the ultimate bliss. 

This fall, we took Ingrid to Barthel's Fruit Farm for an unseasonably warm apple/pumpkin picking experience. 

I can't wait to continue this tradition with her next year - any many more to come. 

Now here's the part I'm truly thankful for - uninterrupted hours in front of the stove. I turned on my iPod, tied my favorite apron and got down to business. There's something so therapeutic about literally picking food from the earth and then transforming it into something wholesome (or a little indulgent). 

The seemingly simple fruit holds an oddly special place in my heart - from childhood to motherhood, it's one of those comfort foods that never goes out of style. Sliced, dipped, baked, or sauced - I'll take it! Here are some of the simplistic and seasonal dishes we love: 


  1. Love it! I made my first apple pie of the season last week. Thankfully, hubby doesn't like "fruit desserts" so I had it all to myself for a full week! I hand made the crust, peeled and cored all of the apples and waited for the masterpiece to finish in the oven. I'm right there with you on the apples. And will definitely try some of your recommended recipes!

  2. And you have that fancy corer/peeler thing - you little Suzy Homemaker.


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