Thursday, November 3, 2011

B is for Balance.

This Month I'm Thankful for Balance. 

Last year I felt like a ball in a pinball machine - being propelled from one side to the next.

Engaged, Ping! Pregnant, Pong! Wedding! Lost Job! Baby, Ping Pong! Job Search! Start New Job!

These life-changers were all-consuming and I was swallowed-up by the scariness and excitement of them all. I dove into wedding planning, preparing for a new baby and job searching in an intense, frantic way, these moments or titles were all-to defining. I was a Newlywed, Unemployed Pregnant Woman. And I needed to fix that Unemployed title, fast.

Now, as a Married, Employed Mother, I feel almost a new sense of self and try to process all of this marriage, career, and motherhood stuff with an attitude of gratitude and with a meaningful, relaxed pace. Forgive the overused "workplace phrase" - but instead of "putting out fires" I'm now able to focus on my life in my own terms (for now). Balancing my days between my family, friends, career, focusing on myself, health, reading, cooking, crafting and some trashy-good Bravo TV.

Balance, is a wonderful thing.

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