Sunday, November 6, 2011

E is for Email. F is for Friends and Family.

This Month I'm Thankful for Email.

There's nothing better than clicking through your email, deleting the multiple, unimpressive offers from Gap and then stumbling upon a lengthy email from a good friend. This month I'm thankful for email - as nerdy as this is. With a small amount of effort and with the click of "send" you can instantly reconnect with loved ones. I love when my collage girlfriends and I get into "mass update mode" and we share are most recent major and minor life events. I love how this lead to our decision to get together for a mini-getaway weekend this winter.

I'm thankful for these friendships and the multiple way we are able to stay connected - but I'm really thankful that we are able to carve out some time and connect this winter! Which leads me to F...

This Month I'm Thankful for Friends and Family.

They are my sanity, my sounding board, my shopping, drinking and walking companions. Without them I'd be a hot mess. My friend Steph said it best here.

No extreme effort needed - connect with your sister, or a long distance friend today! 

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