Tuesday, February 1, 2011

30 Weeks - Destination Kohler

The term "babymoon" is widely accepted and used on various pregnancy/baby sites. It's a good word to define "a vacation you should probably take before a seven-pound creature changes your life forever" - but, it's incredibly cheesy. Anyways, Dan and I went on a babymoon late-honeymoon last week. We headed up to Kohler, Wisconsin for a quick, and much needed, getaway. We started with a couples massage where I was able to lay on my back - and stomach (ah-mazing!), did a little window shopping and ate some unforgettable meals. It was so nice to actually sit across the table from one another and have a meaningful discussion - beyond babies, budget, house stuff and jobs. It was a great weekend-long date! Although it was our first vacation together without a tent - I can't wait to take little Atkinson camping with us this summer.
Fancy-schmancy spa pool. 

The American Club

Dinner at Cucina (randomly, two other pregos were dining here!)

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