Friday, November 4, 2011

C is for Creating.

This Month I'm Thankful To Create.

In college, my roommates and I would bust out our knitting needles this time of the year. Some would knit a few rows of a scarf (me), others would actually their projects (leaving me jealous and with a cold neck).

Everything about this month is just nudging you indoors to get cozy, start crafting and create something. It's too cold to spend hours outdoors and it's not cold enough to justify a Top Chef marathon.

I've dabbled in knitting, sewing and crafting in general, but I'll be honest, I hate completing projects. I currently have three items pinned, ready to be sewn and a mitten-and-a-half ready to become a set. I'm bound and determined to take this Crafting Interest into a full-blown Hobby this month. I might mess up a stitch or forget a row, but damn it - I really want those purple-grey mittens and, there are new babies who need cute baby things! 

What have you been itching to create? A novel, card, craft, new hairstyle or meal? Whatever it is - flex your creative muscles this month and marvel at the results! 

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