Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shopping Smaller.

One of my old Birmingham co-workers is challenging herself to shop locally for an entire year - she blogs about her tales here. Although I don't reside in Birmingham, I love reading this blog. It gives you the "shopping local warm fuzzies" - you know, that feeling you get when you visit a local shop, purchase something unique and wonderful. You actually talk to the owner and get actual recommendations from real smiley faced people.

You feel happy. You feel like you did something good for your community. You get the shopping local warm fuzzies.

I'll admit, I stumbled upon the shopping local warm fuzzies (ok, last time I'll use that phrase) by trying to avoid the panic, sweaty, horrible feeling I get when shopping at Pick n' Save on a Saturday morning.

You know the feeling. You elbow your way through every aisle. You forget peas - or some other small yet critical item and have to navigate back through the store. Everyone is stone faced, not saying anything as they try to cross this item off of their to-do list and move on with the day. Pleasant, right?

I know, I'm being a big dramatic. But after signing up for our local co-op and actually shopping there (vs. grabbing those amazing dips and treats) I noticed that I left with a little pep in my step.

What's this rant all about? It's about wanting to create real change in my spending habits. By putting something "out there" (i.e. this rant) hopefully, I'll continue to purchase from local businesses rather than giving into the notion that bigger is better and more convenient.

So here's to mindful spending and putting my hard-earned dollars where they belong - back to our community!

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  1. I started following that blog after you posted a link to it on Facebook. I love her stuff, and I love the idea that she's running her own book store. What a dream job!


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