Friday, October 14, 2011

On Baptism.

Ah, nothing like a good ol' religion reference to make you feel comfortable. But this baptism has been a lingering concern of mine since about this time last year and I have yet to take any really action.

I'll start by stating that I do want Ingrid to be raised with a religion, I don't want the term "god-parent" to be a meaningful role. After that, I don't really know what to do:

Issue #1 - We don't go to church. I don't want to be "those people" who show up to two or three services, get their baby baptized and then you never see them until Christmas Eve. It just feels so, part-time. Yes, I need to actively seek out a church - and religion - that fits. This, in my mind, is the easy part. The bigger elephant in the room...

Issue #2 - All of our parents would ideally be in the same room together for an hour, or two. I'll preface by saying that all of our parents are amazing and I couldn't ask for better in-laws.

Here's the problem, they are all divorced, most remarried and all of us together are painfully awkward. I have given up on my dreams of everyone just coming together for the greater good. I gave this up after failed attempts at joint college graduation parties, holidays - and even our engagement party.

It's a blessing and a curse that Dan and I both coming from divorced parents. We're in the same boat - but because of that, we're splitting even more time among even more people.

Once I had Ingrid, a whole new level of divorce-annoyance surfaced - she's coming along for the four-family ride. And the million dollar question - can everyone come together for her?

In attempting to plan this during my maternity leave/unemployment - I was a wreak. I wanted to have one of those non-denominational ceremonies in the park, but that didn't feel right. At this point, nothing does.  Looks like we'll have to do the dirty work and actually seek out a religion that fits. Stay tuned for more.

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