Thursday, September 22, 2011

Five Months.

The months just keep flying by and Ingrid keeps getting bigger, cuter and more like a little person. This month's family highlights included:
  • A sleepover for Ingrid at Grandma Kim and Grandpa Jim's house.
  • An adult-only camping trip to New Glarus for Dan and I. 
  • I started a new job. 
  • Friends and family stepped up in a big way to help us with the gap between work and daycare - thank you! 
  • I started blogging for - watch for a post soon! 
  • Dan started tatooing in Fort Atkinson and a new semester at UWM.
  • Ingrid started daycare - and I think she loves it.  
  • We met our little niece/Ingrid's little cousin and attended Ingrid's aunt/ my sister-in-law's baby shower.
  • Ingrid and I checked out Irish Fest, the South Shore Farmer's Market, 3rd Ward and the dog park.
  • Started a new family tradition of Sunday Fundays with the family - we've made trips to the lake, cleaned out the attic, gone out to brunch and made massive amounts of freezeable meals at home.
Developmental highlights: 
  • She can now turn over easily from tummy to back. Back to tummy? Not so much. But...
  • She "pivots" around on her back to move around! 
  • She giggles at hilarious games such as "Watch mom turn around, then turn around again." 
  • She takes me - and talks, and babbles and squeals to anyone and any toy. 
  • Ingrid loves food! She's had avocados, rice cereal, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes and peas, butternut squash and carrots.
  • She can sit up (supported) and loves to "stand" in her exersaucer-thing. But gets pretty pissed that she can't put all of the toys in her mouth. 
  • And, she's starting to understand her name as in "Hey. Hey you. Hey baby Ingrid."

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