Monday, September 19, 2011

Root, Root, Root for the Brew-ers.

Earlier this summer, we participated in a Milwaukee-favorite-tradition - a trip to Miller Park for some good ol' fashioned tailgating and a Brewer game.

Our friends left their daughters at home, but we strapped Ingrid in the Baby Bjorn and she was a champ. Did you know there's a whole kid's area behind home-plate?


In front of us sat a random, sweet, bright-eyed girl named Jenna. She did a little show for all of us, twirling around with a wand, bopping around to the music in her head - doing normal things an outgoing eight-year-old girl does. At one point, Jenna spun around and announced to us that "When I grow up and be a mommy, I'm gonna have babies!" 

We get it Jenna, you're teetering on the fence between annoying and cute.

I didn't acknowledge this wonderful sentiment - but rather looked her straight in the eye and warned her that "Babies are a lot of work Jenna. You'll have to be with them all of the time, every day." 

What a buzz-kill.

Jenna was visibly stunned. I don't think I crushed her dreams, but I rocked her world. A few minutes later she twirled down the aisle and I happily enjoyed drinking my Lite Beer by Miller.

I'm thankful we can still bundle Ingrid in a Baby Bjorn and not have to respond to strangers' reactions to our daughter's endearing ideas.

Baby and Adult Bjorns. 

Over here Bernie!

Tiniest Tailgater. 

Ingrid took this one. I know, GIFTED!

Then, a few weeks later, my friends and I were out and about celebrating my best friend's birthday. We enjoyed dinner at Umami Moto and drinks around Cathedral Square. 

The obvious highlight of our night? Running into the Brewer's own - Ryan Braun!

Can you say giddy?

Now that "we've" clenched the division title - it's time to party like it's 1982! Go Brew Crew!

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