Saturday, July 9, 2011

Three Months.

It's so cliche - but where has the time gone. Seriously, I can't believe Ingrid will be three months old tomorrow (yet, she's somehow 13 weeks...). Highlights of the month include two camping trips, my 28th birthday, trip to Minnesota (aka, my first time "away") and Dan's art-fair palooza. Ingrid:
  • Found her hands. 
  • Tolerates tummy time. 
  • Can lift her head up on tummy. 
  • Rolled over from tummy to back. 
  • Turns her head toward our voices. 
  • Grabs and bats at toys. 
  • Babbles and talks A LOT. 
  • Has a really, really cute laugh. 
So, she's basically super advanced. Kidding! Here's our month in pictures:
Oh hands, I could look at you FOREVER! And, I will. 

Post-burp relief.

Black bean salsa and fruit salsa. New summer staples. Mmmmm, cilantro. 

Am I lecturing her already? And is she already tuning me out? Girls.

Gotta love the hands above the head. P.S. This giraffe is a must-have in the crib.

Ingrid is confused. 
I am in love. 

Dad is hilarious. 

Enjoying some adult-friendly shops in Cedarburg with Grandma Debbie!

Happy Father's Day Grandpa! Ingrid would say that if she didn't have her fist in her mouth.

Ingrid gets into her "Batman" position. Ready to leap at a moment's notice. 

It's Bumbo time. 

Bumbo time with sass. 

Free entertainment - watching Dad work. 

Part of Dan's fantastic Strawberry Fest display. 

Ingrid post bath. Can you get any cuter? 

Explaining the pros and cons of camping. 

Sorry Ingrid, your parents are huge nerds. 

Again, more lecturing. This time about fireworks.

Ingrid's first dip - in Mirror Lake. Did you know it's the oldest man-made lake? And, that elephants from Baraboo bathed in it back in the day? Ah, the little knowledge-nuggets you find in the State Park Newspaper. 

She's getting into it!

When in doubt, distract with hands. 

Finally, that's over. 

And, instantly napping.

This month was really exciting as Ingrid's starting to develop a little personality (dramatic - me, chill - Dan, funny - both, cute - who knows). This month, we have a fun schedule already - it's time to suck the nectar people - summer is only so long! 

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  1. I am stoked to see you and the other gingers this weekend : )


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