Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Songs for Ingrid.

This weekend, my family and I were discussing "embarrassing mom moments" - and I thought about how many times I'll have the privilege of embarrassing Ingrid with songs, kisses, and possibly - my wardrobe.
Right now, Ingrid is IN LOVE with these songs. The first I created when I was stuck on the couch during my c-section recovery - that feels like a lifetime ago!

Little tiny baby Ingrid
Loves to look at the big blue sky 
The sky is blue 
The grass is green 
You are cute 
So is Harper 

And this one was created to get her to stop crying...

Go to sleep little Ingrid 
Go to sleep little Ingrid 
We've had so much fun and the day's almost done 
Go to sleep so we can do it all again 

I'm dreading the day stops giggling and starts to roll her eyes at these tune. Until that day, I'll keep singing to her because nothing beats her open-mouth smile! 

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