Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nice Girls.

Last weekend, we attend a fantastic wedding - everyone was so happy for the couple. You could just feel it in the air (in the open-bar-cocktail-hour-air). During the father of the bride's speech, he talked about when he held his little girl in the hospital. Being a middle school principle, he wanted her to be inclusive and friendly to everyone - basically, not be a mean girl.

After quietly sobbing into my dinner napkin, and agreeing with everyone at that table that "He's right, she's so open and sweet to everyone" (sniffle, dab napkin on eye so to not ruin eye makeup) - I started thinking about my "wants" and "don't wants" for Ingrid.

Then, during our 18 million hour drive home, Dan and I brainstormed ALL of the personality traits we hope to instill in Ingrid.

#1 - Don't be lazy. This really encompasses everything. Don't be lazy and accept what people tell you. Don't be lazy and stop learning after you're done with school. Don't be lazy with your friendships, relationships, career, health or yourself.

#2 - Be your own person. Because Ingrid is a girl, I think this is huge. It's so easy to "like what your friends like" when you're young. From boys, to music, to clothes, to sports, to everything - wasn't it just easier to fit in? I think this helped to soften the blow during the dreaded "awkward phase." Regardless, I hope Ingrid explores her own interests and embraces people's differences.

#3 - You're not the most special thing in the world. Granted, she's the most special thing in MY world. But, has anyone witnessed the behavior of a child who honestly thinks this? They are crazy. I want Ingrid to be a well-behaved child and understands that her wants, feelings and thoughts do not "reign supreme."

#4 - It's a big world out there. Go explore it.

#5 - Be inclusive and nice. Yes, I'm stealing this from my friend's dad. It's worth stealing. Above all, be a nice person. Everyone will respect you more, love you more and want to hang out with you. That's not to say you can't judge someone for wearing a j-outfit.

Come on, they are funny!

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  1. Great blog post Lindsay! I love it. I'm going to make my 13 year old daughter read it and just reinforce those great thoughts.


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