Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the fourth.

What a great holiday. Parades, good food, a reason to "take it easy" and fireworks. This year, we decided to park it in Milwaukee and enjoy some quality family time (with just us three - four if you include Harper, five if you include Kitty). Holiday highlights: 

1. Slapping on heels and heading out to Balzac for my birthday dinner with my best girls. 
2. Reading Bossypants. God I love Tina Fey. 
3. Deciding it wasn't hot enough in the house and baking blueberry muffins. 
4. Weeding the back patio. Seriously. 
5. Watching the fireworks with Dan and Ingrid. 

I hope you had an amazing holiday weekend - and gained three pounds by visiting the appetizer/dessert table one too many times. I know I did! 

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