Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'd rather be campin'

I love birthdays and I unapologetically love celebrating my birthday.

As Dan's art fair-frenzy came to a close, I decided to take advantage of my unemployment status and head up to High Cliff State Park with the family for a good ol' birthday camping trip. 

Birds? Woods? Fire? Ingrid's not sure, but Harper knows better.  

Our three-person-tent was abandoned for this living-room-sized eight person tent. We're now thinking about upgrading our roll-up mattress for a big ol' obnoxious air mattress. 

Ingrid loved the trees, the noise and of course, her hands.

The first night, we took a little stroll around our site.

And called it an early night.

The next morning we decided to scramble some eggs, take a hike around the park and visit the beach. I was delighted to receive this from Dan (nice wrap-job, right?).

Before starting our jam-packed day, I treated myself to a little trashy birthday treat - a sugary cupcake and an US Weekly.

Then, we hiked around the Lake Kiln trail:

Drank a few too many greyhounds...

Overall, had a good time in the great outdoors.

And ended up with two tired kids.

A camping success! We had a great time - but not a relaxing time. I'm looking forward to camping with our friends this week - and really looking forward to our "adult-only" camping trip in August! 

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