Wednesday, May 25, 2011


While building my baby registry, I researched a slew of baby products. Baby carriers, baby swings, baby ______ - you get it. I spent some time researching cloth diapers and really liked gDiapers - a hybrid of disposable and cloth, but decided that we would cross the diaper-bridge after we introduced solid foods. So, I registered for a variety of diaper brands and saved a few gift cards with the hopes that if we need a diaper alternative down the road, we will be able to offset the investment.

Then, through Facebook status updates or one-on-one conversations, I learned that some of my friends were going down the cloth diaper path - and I started questioning my original decision. I went back to the blogs and baby websites to research cloth diapers, yet again. After opening my 3rd browser tab and drinking two greyhounds, I thought to myself, forget it. I don't need to read a blog to understand the environmental benefits and I don't need to beat myself up about Ingrid's diaper consumption. This situation - using disposable diapers, for now, is the best decision.

When it comes to parenting, everyone really does do everything differently and whatever works for that family, works. Because new moms are constantly searching for answers to breastfeeding, sleeping and all-things-baby questions, we come across a variety of tips, book recommendations and conflicting opinions. As we swim through the oceans of information it's hard not to feel a twinge of guilt every now and again when what you're doing is considered "wrong" by someone (or some book, or some website). Right now, my parenting decisions are really driven by Ingrid - eat, sleep, play and poop. So, before she adds anything else to my parenting-plate, I need to stop getting so twirly about other people's decisions, keep reading and learn to "trust my gut" - and, above all, enjoy this little chickpea.  

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