Tuesday, May 17, 2011

30 Second Commercial

In my previous (gulp, only) job, our sales consultants created "30 second commercials" or "elevator speeches" to explain their business to whoever they encountered. I developed my own "commercials" to explain my job, how I met my now-husband, etc. While pregnant, I felt the need to give everyone a 1,990 second speech about my relationship, engagement story and unexpected baby.

If you didn't know me personally, I spewed facts and dates at you - letting you know that our relationship - and this baby - are completely legit, despite our martial status. Because we've been together forever, lived together for years and recently, got engaged. 

I'd like to pretend it didn't bother me - but honestly, how much easier would it have been if we were already married? Do you know who makes it worse? Those knuckleheads who are so wrong for each other and get married within a year of knowing each other. Because "when you know, you know!" Then, they use the phrase "my hubby" (gag) while you refer to your "boyfriend" like a sixth grader. Finally, they rush out to the suburbs in a race to see who can be the most boring. Ok, I'm getting further and further away from my point. 

Yesterday I was talking to Ingrid, telling her how we met and got married (she was very interested) when Dan walked by, asked what I was doing and said "She wasn't planned, but she was always part of the plan." 

How beautiful, how simple and how true. 

Now, if anyone does the math - married in October, baby in...April? I'll just let them go ahead and think what they want to think, knowing that any pathetic attempt to explain "our story" isn't worth my time or energy because it's true, she wasn't planned, but she's always been a part of the plan.

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  1. So sweet! Dan I mean, not those idiots for whom you must explain yourself. That is one lucky little Ingrid.


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