Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sandwich Board

Last week we finally got a taste of summer. Our consistent 40 degree weather was happily replaced by something in the 90s. As Dan turned off the heat and dug out the window air conditioner in the same day, I stared at a closet full of clothes - with nothing to wear. I thought about creating a sandwich board - or perhaps, a fashionable mumu (I'll call it a tunic) for new mothers, mine would read:

I just had a baby. I have nothing to wear except for a handful of pregnancy clothes. I was pregnant in the winter, so I can't wear most of them - ok? It's either this tunicy-thing or shirts that are too tight, muffin-top inducing pants, a bizarre array of skirts or yoga gear (aka, "daytime sweats"). I don't have a job waiting for me after my maternity leave - and I don't want to get to comfortable at this weight, so I'd rather not invest in new items at this time. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Sincerely, Lindsay.

I would honestly consider this - if it was a button-down or zip-up (who knew breastfeeding would determine your wardrobe?).

I just finished packing my three go-to outfits for our trip up to LaCrosse today. Now, I'm off to pack up Ingrid's gear for three days. Here's to a great weekend with family and good friends.

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