Sunday, April 3, 2011

40 Weeks

I just responded to my 80th "Did you pop out that baby yet" text - with a hopeful "Not yet" and I'm left wondering - "Will I ever have this baby?" Of course, the answer is yes, but sometimes I think I will be pregnant forever. I know how insane that sounds, but right now I feel a bit insane.

I have all of the signs of labor - which I won't gross you out with - except for regular contractions and my water has yet to break (this only happens to a small minority of women).

Thursday was my last day of work and it felt a bit strange. In your early 20s, work is the defining thing in your life and up until a few months ago, it was a pretty big deal to me too. Baby trumps work, but I do need to work in order to provide for baby. So, although everyone is encouraging me to focus on this new number one priority, I'm left with little to do besides rearrange and refold teeny tiny onesies until he/she arrives - to kill time and keep me from going insane, I'm going to continue to search and apply for jobs until he/she arrives.

My mom is in town for the week and, if possible, I think she wants the baby to arrive more than I do. She's here until next week Saturday and if that baby doesn't arrive by then, I'm afraid she'll miss her train and continue to wait! It's been really nice having her around - she's been cooking and cleaning up a storm!

Speaking of storms, today is extremely gloomy, rainy and blustery day. I was hit by an odd hail storm on the way to prenatal yoga and thought this would be a perfect day for a baby - there's nothing better to do. I drilled my instructor for any and all yoga induction techniques - she just said raise your arms and hope for the best. Now I understand why woman partake in those weird natural induction techniques - you literally have nothing else to do - and come on, it's hard to just sit around and wait!

I'm trying to enjoy these last few days before the baby arrives - cooking, cleaning, reading and hopefully sewing a few baby items. I really enjoyed the Happiest Baby on the Block and I'm now searching for other baby books to read. Feel free to post a comment with any - and all - suggestions.

Here's the last round of prego photos - next time I'm hoping to post pictures of our new little bundle!

Pouring coffee for Dan - I can't wait to really enjoy a hot cup of coffee (sans guilt) soon!

40 Weeks - swollen face and feet, and ready for a baby! 

What's your guess? Either way, we'll find out soon enough!


  1. My prediction is late tonight. So, let's go already! :-)

    You look amazing, Lindsay! Hope I look half as good as you when I'm expecting!

  2. You look great Lindsey. I'd read The No Cry Sleep Solution...its great. I'm currently reading Raising Your Spirited Child...hopefully you don't have to read that one ;) My Emma was born sassy and I love it. You look GREAT and have a much more positive outlook to late pregnancy than I ever have...I'm guessing a GIRL!

  3. I'm a friend of your Mom's, and found my way here thru her facebook. I to have a blog. Congrats to you on your upcoming baby, you look great. I KNOW how excited your mom is and I do hope baby arrives while she's there. There is nothing like being a new Mom AND a NEW Grandma. Debbie, your going to be on top of the moon.


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