Thursday, March 31, 2011

39 Weeks

After measuring my life in weeks for months, I'm ready to start being one of those annoying people who measures their kid's life in months. As in the classic: "My kid is 24 months old." Do you mean, you have a two-year-old? Seriously though - I'm ready to stop being pregnant and start being a mom. 

I found out that Dr. W is a politician - and a democrat. This guy just keeps getting better and better! I also had some patient-guilt because I didn't go back to my original doctor (remember, she went on maternity leave in the middle of my pregnancy). I found out that I am one of two patients who didn't go back to her - ugh, more guilt!

The baby is now the size of a watermelon - yicks. S/he is now able to flex their limbs, and his/her nails might extend past his fingertips. Gross. Fingernails? Baby, the time has come. You've moved on from developing vital organs to growing fingernails? Come on, a lot of people really want to meet you and I promise, your fingernails will grow the rest of your life. Am I really pleading with my unborn child, yes, yes I am

For the past few hours I've had steady contractions, which could mean labor is just around the corner - or it's just another case of Braxton Hicks (faux contractions).

Last week Dan informed me that "Maybe I don't know what contractions feel like" while I was in the middle of complaining about my uncomfortableness. If we were in a cartoon - I would have turned fire-engine red and smoke would have shot out from my ears. I kindly informed him that I do "know what they feel like" and wanted to stab him for not having a uterus.

Now, I want to eat my words (what else is new...) because these contractions feel like something else and I should probably stop typing and start timing them!

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