Friday, January 14, 2011

Real Simple

After weeks of fact-checking (Real Simple knows there stuff!), I was thrilled to see "my words" in the Your Words section of the February issue of Real Simple. It's a really little deal, but who doesn't love to see their name in print?

Readers were asked, "What healthy ingredient do you cook with most often?" Here's what I said (sort of...):

Honeycrisps are my favorite kind of apple, hands down. They are a bit more expensive than other varieties at the market, but the crunchy, sweet taste is worth the extra cost per pound. I add apple slices to peanut butter toast in the morning, and I puree them to sweeten a dairy-free butternut-squash soup that I serve for dinner. Although apples have always been my fruit of choice, now that I'm pregnant, I crave them constantly. Not surprisingly, my doctor approves.  

You know what my doctor would not approve of? Consuming three servings (aka a row) of these delicious organic (better than Oreos) faux-Oreos, then talking myself out of going to prenatal yoga - whoopsie.

I'm in love.


  1. Ha! I just went to Trader Joe's for the first time tonight and bought organic Oreos! I've eaten a row already, and I don't have pregnant cravings to blame.

  2. Also, I'd like to hear your rendition of that snippet in Real Simple. I bet it was funnier and didn't make you sound like a Stepford wife.


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