Thursday, January 13, 2011

Leadership Experience

"When nothing is sure, everything is possible." Margaret Drabble

Last week, I traveled to Birmingham for our company's annual incentive trip. Although working for eleven hours a day, pregnant, presented it's challenges - and left me with sausage fingers and toes - it was one of the oddest and most satisfying business trips.

With the news of the Milwaukee office closure, my coworkers and sales Consultants offered mounds of support, kind words and tips and tricks for getting hired in today's environment. I did have one embarrassing breakdown when thinking of actually leaving this job that I've grown to love. Let's blame it on the hormones and move on.

Of course, we were snowed in on Sunday night - and I was happy to spend another night in Birmingham vs. stuck in the Memphis airport. From running out of hotel rooms to the valet seeing me in a towel - the theme of extended trip was, "You're kidding, right?" It was nice to spend a few extra hours with Consultants and ease myself out of, what might be, my last incentive trip (sigh). Speaking with so many mothers for days on end also put my office closure into perspective. I left Alabama in a haze - my head spinning with potential opportunities.

Although the pictures tell another story, I did in fact interact with people and I do know how to rotate images. Painful. 

New Spring Products. I want you, and you, and you in the baby's room.

Goodie boxes for the welcome night dinner.

Bags stuffed with catalogs and more goodies

Love this!

More spring products

Centerpiece for the welcome night dinner - yep, I cut that pine.

Mini Aveda products - everyday I was welcomed by at least three of everything!

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