Monday, January 24, 2011

It's a Good Thing.

She's the ultimate DIYer. From crafts to cooking to PetSmart, she created an empire around baked goods. Any guesses?

Of course, it's the only and only, Martha. One minute you're listening in admiration to her tips on purchasing hearty house plants and the next, you're ripping your hair out because she's pronouncing it "vaaaase" - it's a vase, ok Martha, it's a vase! Hair-ripping aside, she's just snooty enough for me.

While paging through the January issue of Martha Stewart Living, I stopped at this "looks-so-easy-it-has-to-be-easy" baby quilt. Seriously, can this little nugget get any cuter? I'll be attempting to create this for chickpea-Atkinson before March 1 ok...April 1.

Warning: all previous sewing adventures have resulted in a half-sewn-fabricy-mess. Impatient beginner sewer + pregnancy hormones = a hot mess or a fabulous baby blanket? Stay tuned for the results!

Little Nugget: happily unaware of effort and expense involved in blanket-making process. 

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