Friday, December 3, 2010

Thankful and Annoyed

Yesterday, I learned that my company will close the Wisconsin branch between April - July, 2011. This did not come as a shock; we are not doing so hot and everything and everyone is in Alabama. I've gone through all of the ups and downs with this company since its inception and survived numerous layoffs over the last five years. The closure is depressing and unsettling but it isn't a blow to my ego or perceived work performance.

On an average day, my mind runs at a steady pace and my mouth moves just as fast - but yesterday my mind was on warp speed and I was word-vomiting all day. Lesson learned, when you learn you'll know longer have a job - regardless of the circumstance, just leave. Just leave for the day, process things with people who have a stake in your future success and chill out! I have no clue what I said yesterday or who I talked to - I was in a sober haze.

But, I'm glad I stuck around for the afternoon, because I had a good conversation with my phenomenal boss (ex-boss, tear). She encouraged me to make a list of everyone I know, make a list of everything I've done, I'm good at and everything I'd like to do (great! Who doesn't love a good list?) Then, ask yourself "What would I do if failure wasn't an option?" I instantly translated this to "What would you do if money didn't matter?" but after thinking about this for a few hours, it's much different. What would I do if failure wasn't an option? Take serious risks, move, change careers and be amazing. I'd open my dream space: a coffee/yoga/art studio/book/yarn/bakery store. Warning: no knit-snobs allowed. I would open up a space to house my favorite things in life and eventually make a profit. Or open up an indoor dog park that served yummy drinks and treats.

Even this question "What would I do if failure wasn't an option?" would have driven me to a dramatic eye-roll and an "oh pah-lease" years ago. I would have felt bad for the sad sap who believed that positive garbage. But today, having five years of personal and professional experience with a sales force of super positive women - I'm not only a believer in that "positive garbage" - I've witnessed the power of a positive attitude and serious hard work. Not just in direct sales, these women leave one successful venture in pursuit of another and guess what? They make it happen.

I'm confident that in the next 7+ months - with my experience, attitude and dedication - I'll find an opportunity to work and do something I love. I'm thankful for the experience, relationships and life lessons this job has given me. I'm also thankful (and annoyed) that I'm 23 weeks pregnant (is anyone looking for someone who will need to leave for at least 6 weeks in April?). But seriously, prior to my pregnancy, my job was a big deal. Then, after getting over the initial hurdle of having a baby, suddenly this baby is the biggest deal ever - a job is just a job and business is business.


  1. I recently got this little motivational book called Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better.
    One of my favorite quotes:

    "I have not filed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

    Life is weird and just enjoy the ride.

    (my mind set for the day)

    Thinking of you

  2. *failed. not filed.
    failed at spelling the word failed


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