Monday, December 6, 2010

22 Weeks

And I thought 21 weeks was a biggie.
  • Spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Minnesota with my family and friends. I LOVE it "up there" such a good energetic city with even better Targets...
  • Listened to the baby's heartbeat during my checkup. It's always around 140 beats/minute which leads a lot of people to think baby Atkinson is a girl (that my inclination too!) 
  • Produce Update - the baby is about the size of a papaya! Fetal movement is pretty unpredictable right now (I guess that's common). Some days I can feel him/her move all the time, other times just at night or on the couch. I guess they sleep 12-14 hours a day - what are they doing the other hours... 
  • Registered at Target with hot-mama Suzanne. It was so helpful to go through those aisles and scan things that she knew to be useful! Why does someone who weighs less than 20 pounds need so much shit? 
  • For months, I've had a pathetic energy level and I was thrilled to actually go to the gym three times this week. Painfully, I kept rubbing my stomach so annoying gym rats knew I was pregos not chubos.
  • Dan's Etsy business has momentum! I'm thrilled that he has had orders and activity from other people beyond his friends and family. Shameless plug: these wine glasses, beer mugs and shot glasses make fantastic gifts (seriously, they do!)
  • Found out our Brookfield office will be closing in 2011 (see rant below). Good news, looks like I'll be set through my maternity leave (whew) but we'll see!
  • I kept thinking of this all weekend and laughing.
  • For months I've been reading about pregnancy, now I've moved on to books about actually raising a normal human being or toddler or baby. The Modern Girl's Guide to Motherhood was pretty good, now I'm checking out The Happiest Baby on the Block. My thinking is to read the topics that interest me and then pull from a few of them - not to be psychotic about one method of parenting (sounds like this can easily happen). I know NOTHING about babies so I'm hoping this is somewhat helpful.
I'm so looking forward to the holiday season! In an effort to cut back, I didn't get any new decorations or a "real" tree this year. But, I'm really excited to hit up stores after the holiday season to get some goodies - or maybe make a paper-book wreath with fellow-DIYer Lauren!

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