Saturday, December 11, 2010


I'm not sure when this "nesting" instinct is supposed to kick in, but I'm pretty sure I had a preview this week. After waking up at 2 am on Wednesday with a killer earache and sore throat, I drove to Brookfield to grab my laptop and had big plans to park it on the couch and get a few hours of work done between Kleenexes.

I could not sit still! After cleaning, fancying up our mantle, making lasagna and sewing I finally took a break. Later, as I was putting the second coat of chalkboard paint on a beat-up globe (my futile attempt to recreate something I saw at Pottery Barn) it occurred to me that something may be up. The other red flag was my dramatic sob session about our carpet - "Dan, the baby can't breathe these old carpet fumes. Think of those BABY LUNGS!" (I'm pretty sure carpet fumes aren't a thing...). Either the nesting instinct is kicking in or my hormones are at an epic level.

Hopefully, the next time this "nesting" thing kicks in, I'll have something to do for the baby. Right now, the nursery is home to a few of Dan's office/etching tools and our old bed - in a few weeks I should be able to start working on that room. And by working I mean asking Dan to paint a cool tree on the wall and move furniture around.

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