Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Very Merriest Mother's Day

Out of my three Mother's Days, this one was the sweetest. Ingrid woke up wanting to read a book which was a welcomed change from the typical yogurt request (I have shugurt?). 

We called Grandma. Fixed the clog in the bathtub. Went to the zoo. Laughed really hard at otters. Rode the train. Laughed hard when reminiscing about the otters (apparently, they are hilarious). Sipped on Thai iced coffees (what do they put in those delicious things?) Took a three hour nap (Ingrid). Watched way too many episodes of Sex and the City (Me). Went to the park. And now, she's in bed a half hour early. 

We had a 30 minute window where the wheels started to come off. I wanted to pull a Zach Morris. To motion my hands in a sharp "T" shape and declare "Timeout!" 

Timeout: What happened to the bubbly, cheery dog and toddler? No, you can't have a sucker before dinner or ever because we don't have any. Please stop chasing after distant leaves your old eyes mistake for bunnies. Seriously, we don't have any suckers. 

Then, Ingrid started to sing "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" and asked to dance. Of course we can dance, lovely little lady. Right after my heart stops aching from sweetness overload. 

It was the very merriest Mother's Day (wording ripped from a weird Mad Hatter story). 

Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. Don't you now love mother's day in like this WHOLE different existence way??? I adore it.


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