Friday, May 10, 2013

Five Things

Happy Friday! This weekend we're down one Atkinson. With just Ingrid, Harper and I, the weekend is trending pretty girly: a Scentsy party, outlet mall stop and if the weather is right, a Mother's Day trip to the zoo. Here are five things that made the week pretty sweet:

Ingrid and I popped some tags last weekend at the University School of Milwaukee's Rummage on the Rink. That rummage sale is no joke - there were maps and directional cones involved. Ingrid literally rummaged through a pile of stuffed animals to find her prized princess pillow. I was thrilled that these books turned out to be pretty great - I was drawn to them for the illustrations.

Cooking in this little kitchen stinks. Now, when we move to our new place, the kitchen won't be much bigger but, it will be brighter, roomier and ours. Baking is manageable. Baking fish feels springy. This Salmon with Sriracha Sauce and Lime feels just about right - even in this teeny kitchen. I bet you three dollars you have all of the sauce ingredients in your pantry/fridge.

These transitional seasons are always rough for me, wardrobe wise. Currently I'm searching for the perfect: mint cross-body bag, chambray shirt dress, work/play appropriate skirts, little knot studs and work shirts that aren't stuffy. I wish this ampersand sweatshirt was somehow justifiable because, it's just so cute:

Like everyone else, I'm reading The Great Gatsby and anticipating the movie. This is my favorite quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald. By favorite I mean, it was pinned to my Words board two months ago because it looks and sounds fancy.

Ingrid went on a big swing for the first time. She was cautious, curious and mimicked the little girl next to her. She would faux pump her legs and make the tiniest micro movements. It's hard to imagine that just a year ago she was taking wobbly steps.

Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy the sunshine and thank your moms.

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