Monday, October 22, 2012

Family-Friendly Recipes (sorry nuggets, you're not invited.)

The term "family-friendly" recipe typically involves veggies covered cheese sauce or something in a nugget shape. Now, I'm not turning my nose up at nuggets or cheese. I live in Wisconsin and would never frown at something fried or cheesy. Never.

But, kid-food isn't that satisfying to make or eat. Lately, I haven't been itching for veggies masked in cheese or to putz around in the kitchen to make chickeny-nugget things.

Simply put - I'm not in the mood to create additional meals for Ingrid. And thankfully, she's not picky (yet!). Although, when she pushes tofu around her plate, I tell her that it is meat and she happily shoves it in her mouth.

Like you, I attempt to cook what's in season and give my family a variety of options - some meatless, some meaty (haha) and try to incorporate lots of vegetables and flavor into everything. Then, when I break out the baked goods, I tell myself that everyone's had their veggies and isn't that what balance is all about?

Here are some old classics and new favorites:

Loaded Quinoa Veggie Burgers

Ingrid says "These taste just like meat!" 

photo and recipe via

Mexican Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes

Ingrid says "Can I just have the filling? Those skins are too tough." 

photo and recipe via

Turkey Chili

Ingrid says "Is this meat? Ok, then I'll have more. I mean, more please." 

photo and recipe via 

Giada's Turkey, Brown Rice and Kale Soup

Ingrid says "I like to pick out the green leaves and place them next to my bowl." 

photo and recipe via

Giada's Tomato Soup 

Ingrid says "This soup is absolutely delicious with a grilled cheese." 

photo and recipe via 

When the days are long and cooking feels impossible, and take-out from Noodles sounds amazing - Ingrid (and the rest of us) will happily eat:

  • Baked acorn squash 
  • Edamame 
  • PB&J 
  • As much yogurt as you'll allow her to have
  • And Ingrid's favorite: Hummus on Whole Grain Bread. Or as Ingrid calls it, "Hummy!" 

"Family-friendly" or not, what are your go-to-dinners? 

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