Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Little Letters {link up}

Today I'm linking up with one of my favorite bloggers, Emily over at Life, etc. She's got a knack for creating serious sweet treats in the kitchen - and her hair tutorials are Pinterest-worthy.

Emily's Little Letters kind of remind me of Jimmy Fallon's Thank You Letters. Inspired by Emily and (not at all funny like) Jimmy, here's what I'm thanking (or dearing?) this week:

Dear fall, thank you, favorite season, for the crisp air, the football Sundays, scarves, long sleeves, boots, for apples and pumpkins and lovely pumpkin spice lattes. Generic list and all - I love fall!

Dear barking dogs next door, please stop waking up little Ingrid at 5:30 in the morning. She needs her little sleep.

Dear Weeds (the show), I know I'm about five years late to hop on the Weeds bandwagon but, I'm here now and so in love.

Dear library, thank you for letting members check out 100 books, books on CD or videos at a time. It's new board-book bonanza over here.

Dear running schedule, I'm trying, seriously!

Dear JCrew september catalog, I'll take one of each, thanks.   

Dear AT&T Uverse, I'll admit it - my bank account would be cool without cable - but these past two months have been tolerable without it. Thank you for Bravo, Food Network - and my favorite guilty pleasure - Fashion Police.

Dear life, tonight while I was cooking in the kitchen and Dan and Ingrid were dancing to Paul Simon, I thought you were pretty great.

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