Wednesday, April 18, 2012


These mantras make me smirk and I'd like to think they help to give me the motivation to run. The only real mantra that's ever worked for me has been: 

Just Put On Your Shoes and Get Out the Door. 

At 5 (err...6) in the morning, running doesn't sound like fun to me. Sleeping, coffee and donuts sound like fun. But can I just put on shoes and get out the door? Sure. And by the time this happens, running sounds fine and donuts have lost there appeal. And by the time I'm back from a run, donuts sound...ok, donuts still sound good. So what. 

For months, I've struggled with getting into a solid routine and have been putzy with my runs. Why is it so hard to remember that "post workout buzz" when you muster up the mental energy to decide to workout? Why does Storage Wars always win (ugh, I'm so ready for them to replace Dave! Anyone?). 

These sporadic workouts - and the recent discovery of donuts - are making my stack of too-tight jeans start to accumulate dust. I'm so over it.  

Then, a few weeks ago Dan started to run. Granted, we can't run together, but we have a nice little schedule worked out and it's nice to know that for two mornings a week, I'm running. And two mornings a week, he's running. And on the weekends we're running. We don't have to juggle a schedule or talk about Ingrid's naps - we just get up and go. 

This seemingly simple schedule has helped me tremendously and I'm now able to focus and feel somewhat accountable - even though during my runs Dan's sleeping or taking care of Happy Morning Baby Ingrid. Which, if you're wondering, looks like this: 

We even signed up for a race later this month with some friends. I'm sure I'll come in dead last in the group, but I don't care, because I already have more energy and more willpower against donuts, party coffee and late night frozen yogurts. 

What about you - how do you stay consistent in your workout routine? 

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