Saturday, March 17, 2012


Ingrid is eleven months old. 

She likes to crawl. And put a bird on it.

She likes to help out around the house - and keep her hair out of her face.

She got sick for the first time ever and it was pretty sad.
I stayed home from work one morning to take care of her and she didn't want to move from this spot.
See, it was pretty sad.

For Mother's Day last year, Shutterfly gave me a free photo book gift card, so I used it to make a book about our family.
Ingrid now loves this and refers to everyone as "Da-da."

Not sure if whole apples are appropriate for 11 month olds,
but she loves them and I think they help with her teething pain.

This is her new fake smile.
Stop it, Ingrid. 

This is her real version of her fake smile.

I received one too many "What a cute boy" comments
and decided that barrettes are now pretty cute. 

Ingrid can now sign hungry, drink, and book. She signs book a lot.  

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  1. She is so precious! That top picture is my favorite!


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