Saturday, October 1, 2011

On My Playlist - That Daughter song at the end of Knocked Up

We're all getting into a routine - which feels nice. Dan's been etching or working at the shop in Fort Atkinson every Saturday - and I'm not going to lie - half of the time it sucks and the other half it's awesome.

On one hand, it's hard managing Ingrid by yourself and it's nice to have him around - and on the other hand, I'm free to run around and do whatever I want with Ingrid (usually involves friends, eating, coffee and shopping). Today, we enjoyed a quite morning at home, a visit from my friend (with four dozen farm fresh eggs - score!), a trip up to Shorewood to get a couch from another friend - and then a late boozy brunch with another friend. And to top it off, a trip to Target and a walk with Harper.

As I tuned into the end of the Brewer game, I caught the last few minutes of Knocked Up. This song is just so sweet.

Now, time to cheer on the Badgers!

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