Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Gig.

After "my company" moved to Alabama - and after I stopped frantically applying to any job labeled "marketing." I sat back, looked at my edited resume and started applying to realistic opportunities that sounded like a good fit.

My "wish" list for the ideal job definitely changed since having Ingrid. I didn't want to spend 45 minutes a day in my car commuting to and from work. I wanted to be close to Ingrid's daycare. I didn't want to be a cog in a big corporation. This became apparent after two phone interviews with Milwaukee-based corporations. I couldn't even speak their language. I wanted to do something fun, something new, something challenging. I knew that this would be hard to do and with unemployment on the rise yet again (ugh, aren't we all sick of this yet?) - I couldn't be too choosy.

I start my new gig in a few weeks and I'm excited. I'm excited to be contributing to my household.To stop claiming unemployment benefits, to stop searching for new jobs, to stop creating cover letters, to stop receiving rejection letters. Lesson learned: keep updating your resume and stay in touch with your contacts.

This job meets the majority of my "wish list" items. Now, I'm preparing for new challenges:

I'm entering this job as a mom. Weird! I've attempted to read a few parenting blogs/websites for tips about going back to work. It sounds like I'll be a hot mess at first. Please feel free to share any tips for success. How do you balance the two and keep stay sane?

And challenge number two. Finding work-appropriate pants that fit.

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