Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Away

A few weeks ago, me and my college girlfriends visited Minneapolis to celebrate our friend's upcoming nuptials with a good ol' fashioned bachelorette party. I love getting together with Market girls and love the bride-to-be's Minneapolis friends and family too. It was a weekend of good friends, good drinks and good times.

This was also my first "night(s) away from Ingrid" - and I was nervous about missing her. Honestly, I was nervous about having one too many cocktails and breaking down in the bathroom of some bar while sobbing uncontrollably to Dan. Luckily, that didn't happen. Thank goodness for picture text messages. Dan and Grandma Carolyn sent updates and pictures all weekend long. And, there were four pregnant women and moms at the party - so I felt comfortable talking about Ingrid with these women without sounding like a nutcase. Confession - I did loose it toward the end of the night and continued to show my friends the same picture on my cell phone and ask "Isn't she too cute? Couldn't you just eat her cheeks!" a few too many times. Painful.

The best decision we made while planning this trip was to fly (vs. drive) to Minnesota. Knowing that I'd see Ingrid and Dan in 46 minutes vs. 6 hours made Sunday more bearable.

Next month, we'll be driving with the whole fam up to Minneapolis for their wedding - I can't wait to toast to the happy couple soon.

Market (missing Andrea) 

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