Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Human, Yet Again

I took a small break from writing and blogging for a few reasons - mainly, because I felt like a shell-version of myself and I'm happy to report that I feel human, yet again.

I've been focusing on Ingrid sleeping, eating, pooping and playing (then - repeat) - yet I've been in such a blurry haze. Friends and family would ask how she's doing - and I have no basis for comparison. She's eating well, for Ingrid. She's sleeping well, as far as I know (and can remember...). And our Diaper Genie visits are all the proof I need that she's pooping like a champ. She can see things and grab things (aka, her version of playing). How can four mundane activities consume our days and nights - thoughts and conversation?

I don't know what clicked this week - but I shifted from feeling like a frazzled Kathy-comic version of myself to feeling like a new, normal me. Semi-frazzled, semi-put together. Maybe it's the warmer weather, or perhaps my body is finally recovering from the c-section. Whatever it is, the Atkinsons are in some sort of groove. I no longer in sweatpants 24/7 (I'm in leggings too, thank you very much). I'm reading an actual novel instead of all baby books, all the time. I'm Googling other things besides "Is ______ normal postpatdum?" And to be honest, I'm out of postpartum hell. I won't even begin to explain the severe changes your body goes through after childbirth - they are insane.

I'm looking forward to bonding with Ingrid this summer with walks to the park - and having a few cocktails on the porch - cheers!

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