Thursday, March 24, 2011

38 Weeks - Simple Joys.

Does anyone else think this is a never-ending winter? Just when you think 50 degree days are on the horizon, weird snowy-sleety weather comes in and smacks us across the face. This winter was especially lazy due to my lack of energy - and I'm ready to be done with winter and this pregnancy!

As we prepare for the baby, unknown expenses, and uncertainty with my job (as in when and where I'll be employed next) - we've been focusing on cutting back on unneeded expenses - for us that means dealing with our 80 lb TV from 1997, forgoing concerts and dinners out. Dan's business is also proving to be promising this year - which leads me to a shameless plug for his secondary Etsy business. If you are attending any weddings, graduations - or any events and are looking for a unique, personalized gift - check out his Etsy shop. The wine and shot glasses are awesome and never fail to please! And why not give a meaningful and cherished gift to the bride and groom in addition to something practical from their registry?

Anyways, as spring teasing us with her sunshine and promise of open-toed shoes - I've started to think of life's little pleasures - the things I can't wait to take advantage of soon - for little to no cost...
  • Walks with Harper and the baby - after a winter of neglect due to to combination of ice, my lack of balance and energy I seriously cannot wait for long walks up to Lake Michigan and to Humboldt Park once again.
  • Open windows and warm summer breeze. 
  • Grapefruit vodkas on the porch
  • A stack of magazines and coffee on the porch 
  • Camping chair...on the porch
  • Ok, just hanging out on the porch
  • Ok, just coffee
  • Grilling out
  • Letting my hair air-dry 
  • Festivals and street fairs
  • South Shore Farmer's Market! 
  • Brewer games - and tailgating
  • Iced coffees from Svens
  • Bikram yoga 
  • Any yoga
  • Rummage sales 
  • Camping 
  • Baby showers
  • Weddings!
  • Chill on the Hill and Jazz in the Park
I'm really excited to strap baby Atkinson in our little carriers and tote him/her around town and enjoy the best four months in Milwaukee.

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