Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Name! That! Baby!

Like weddings and careers - many girls think about their "dream" baby names. After 1,245 rounds of M.A.S.H. - you settle on your favorites. I'll drive a limo, be an editor, get married in Italy and go to college in California. Then you end up living in a "shack" and wonder what went wrong with your fake-dream life. 

Naming a baby is sort of like that - you think you have a rough idea of what you'd like - then when the time comes you realize that:
#1 - You have to pair a name with a foreign last name.
#2 - This Dad-guy will most likely have an opinion.

Last weekend, we played a Match the Name to the Meaning game at my baby shower and I felt compelled to dig a little deeper to learn what's behind our current top name choices - Ingrid, Owen and Stanley.

Ingrid = Old Norse, Beautiful, peace, to ride, Hero's daughter
Owen = Celtic, young warrior
Stanley = Old English, Stony Meadow

People also flip at the popularity of a name. After sharing our name preferences, I'm often told that Owen is "so popular right now!" Go to the Social Security site to check your name's popularity. Overall Owen is in the top 50s but in Wisconsin, he's #8!

In 2009, Lindsay (ay!) was #524, what about you? 

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