Friday, February 25, 2011

34 Weeks - A New Set of Wheels

A few weeks ago, while driving to prenatal yoga, I was in a car accident - well, I was rear-ended by another pregnant gal. Seriously, what are the odds? I was so thankful that a police car just happened to be the lane next to us - because this chick didn't have car insurance. Again, what are the odds? So, instead of forking out the $500+ to replace the bumper of my 11 year old car, Dan and I decided to invest in a new ride.

For us, choosing a car musters up the same enthusiasm and choosing between cheese or veggie pizza. Does it taste good? Is it safe? Will I have leftovers? Can I drive it into the ground? How much will this cost? Granted, I've been doing some research over the last few years so when it came time to buy a car, we'd have a decent down-payment and have a realistic idea of what this would do to our budget. But, when our car salesman asked if we were excited about the new car - we looked at each other and I barked "Oh yeah, we're super-excited!" - a notch too loud - busted.

After driving this beast for a few days, I do love it. I love the fact that we have a safe and reliable car. I'm no longer huffing my huge prego self in and out of a rusty small car. We now have something normal to camp, tailgate and roll up to Costco in.

2006 Hyundai Santa Fe - cute, safe and reasonable.

My favorite feature - car seat warmers!

Baby Update: 
I did go to the emergency room following the accident - just to make sure that everything was a-ok with Lil' Red. Now, the baby is the size of a honeydew (and I believe it) - about five pounds and 18 inches. Now, the baby can recognize and react to simple songs - from his/her kicks - I think baby Atkinson loves reggae and anything with funk (James Brown, Sharon Jones).

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