Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Suck the Nectar

At my core, I'm an optimist (and a realist) but during the early weeks of pregnancy, you would have guessed I was a doomsday theorist. Seriously, I would think of the worst case scenario for everything - my pregnancy (how fat WILL I get...), classes (I'm going to meet really lame moms!), labor (What if I don't get the epidural in time? What if I don't want one?) and on and on went my chattering inner monologue.

Can you say exhausting? I don't know what tomorrow will feel like, but I do know that today is wonderful. I have such generous friends and family. They have offered their support, gently-used baby goods, advice and kind words. And encouraged me to slow down...

I've annoyed Dan by fist-pumping to the phrase "suck the nectar." A 2010 version of "live life to the fullest." Pregnancy has literally forced me to put my to-do list down, listen to my body and not push it. I viewed my lack of energy as laziness but now I understand it's just little baby Atkinson asking me to slow down and take a nap.

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