Monday, February 3, 2014


So in love with her braid and "crazy" bun. 

This weekend was a tough one for little Ingrid. She came down with a hacking cough on Thursday and today, thanks to a newly-purchased humidifier, she's starting to sound like herself. She's been couped up for days and has been a trouper throughout the recovery process. Granted, she's watched about 1.6 movies a day, which is her version of a perfect day. Sorry, movies plus Goldfish crackers = Ingrid's perfect day.

On Friday afternoon, I fired up my laptop from the living room so Dan could work and Ingrid could rest (instead of hacking on toddlers at daycare). Girl has ever-so much going on in her little head right now. She's a bundle of energy and imagination. Her verbal stream-of-conscientiousness can get tiresome, but here are some highlights:

Same same! When colors, shapes (or princesses) match up, Ingrid declares "same same!" Just like hummus was once hummy, I'm savoring these moments before she realizes it's "same thing!"

Just like _______. Insert any Disney princess here. This is exclaimed when wearing a necklace, skirt or hat. Or dancing. "Mom, you're wearing a skirt just like Cinderella. Mom, you're wearing a necklace just like Princess Aurora." Or, "Ahwoorah."

I don't want to take a bath. I want to take a bath. I don't want duck in bed. I need ducky. Translation = Ingrid needs to sleep.

Thank you so much, for everything. She grabbed my face, looked deep into my eyes and said this phrase, slowly. I started to tear up and tell her how much I loved her. She cut me off mid-sentence by informing me "Cinderelly said that, 'member?!" 

"Harper is ________. My friend. My dog. So cute!" Finally, after almost three years of ignoring, Ingrid is embracing Harper with her tight little toddler hands.

Can I have yogurt? Morning, noon, night and middle of the night, this kid will always and forever want yogurt.

Happy Monday!

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