Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Recap: Taste of Single Life

This weekend was out of the ordinary but felt like my old "ordinary" weekends. Because "what I did" lists complete with "what I ate for breakfast" tend to feel a little...dramatic, so I'll just say that the overall theme was: "So this it what it feels like to be single again."  It wasn't glorious, it wasn't bad - it felt like a natural weekend. A weekend I used to know so well.

Friday Highlights: 
  • Wine over lunch with friends turned into champagne over pedicures that turned into "let's just get one more drink." 
  • After a quick break, my best friend and I reconnected to continue our celebrating. We sorted through Ingrid's old clothes and took breaks to watch amazing videos like this one
  • The night ended with me dancing the night away in a stocking hat because I was too tired from drinking all afternoon to bother with details like "my appearance."
Saturday Highlights: 
  • Started with an overly-ambitious four-mile run. I was reminded Chelsea Handler's books - the one where she talks about those rare energetic mornings after a night of drinking. At some point in the day you say to yourself "How did I end up in this canoe?" Sorry for trying to quote Chelsea - that was painful. But, at one point I looked at Harper, blissfully running on the shores of Lake Michigan, rain hitting her fur, and wondered out loud: "How am I two miles from home?"  
  • Dressed up as the AppleJax pony from My Little Pony for my friend's daughter's third birthday.
  • Celebrated her birthday with multiple cocktails and bacon-maple cookies. It was the best third birthday party ever!
Sunday Highlights: 
Between packing, laundry and these highlights the weekend was pretty wonderful. I wish I could tell you that I needed a weekend to myself or that I miss Dan and Ingrid like crazy but that's not the case. It was wonderful to spend time with old friends, best friends, new friends, Harper, my DVR, and myself. That's it. Nothing profoundly interesting or dramatic - I guess that IS what I needed!

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