Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day. I love celebrating this holiday with a growing Ingrid. I love the simplistic nature of the day: make a card, cook a delicious meal and eat sugar (natch).

Since having Ingrid, I've embraced the holiday with open arms. It's know longer about a "fancy" homemade meal or dinner out with Dan. Last week, I spent a solid 15 minutes at Walgreens picking out a card for Ingrid. Then, I remembered she's not even two and anything with some sort of pony/kangaroo will work.

This year, Ingrid has taken a liking to pink M&Ms (and, M&Ms in general) and pointing out anything heart-shaped. It's incredible to watch that little face light-up, point and shout whatever she's identified: "HEARTS! RAIN! M&MS! DUCK! BUS! More M&Ms?"

I know the holiday gets a bad rap because of all of the above-mentioned "love-festness," but we all have someone, to be grateful for: wonderful parents, grandparent, friends who can make us laugh. If all else fails, there's always something magical about a night of online shopping with vodka tonics. It's a win-win combination.

For those of you who are embracing the holiday this year, I've created a Pinterest board with my favorite cards, decor and sweets treats. Check out the Heart-Shaped Bacon (Yes.) and Red-Hot Buttercream frosting (Ok, sounds great.) Is there any better way to say "I love you?" Probably, but meat and frosting can't hurt.

This year, we're celebrating simply by making the grandparent's cards and creating a semi-special breakfast-for-dinner meal. Breakfast for dinner is nostalgic, casual and somehow, exciting. It's like breaking a rule. Orange juice in the evening? Pancakes in the dark. I've really been into everything on and I'm excited to try these festive Red Velvet Pancakes for dinner.

What's on your Valentine's Day menu? 
What fun traditions do you celebrate with your family or friends? 

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