Tuesday, February 5, 2013


For me, 2013 came a little too fast. I wasn't ready for the holidays to end and I certainly wasn't ready to think about resolutions (or intentions, or whatever we're calling them now).

The middle of January rolled around and I was still dragging my feet and rumbling about going to the gym, tomorrow.

Blame it on the new job or the gloomy weather - I wasn't ready to embrace 2013 with open arms. I guess I needed a few more weeks of sweet treats and relaxing nights.

Now, with five boxes of Girl Scout cookies and weeks of winter ahead, you might say that nothing has changed from January 1 to today. But now I finally - finally - I feel ready to greet the New Year with the kind of energy it deserves.

I hemmed and hawed over creating a list of resolutions but in the end, for me, 2013 can be summed up in one word - possibility.

This year we hope to buy our first house and celebrate Dan's college graduation. This year Ingrid will be two years old.

Sure, I want to run a half-marathon, be more light-hearted in my marriage and be a creative parent. Beyond those important things, I want to embrace all that is wonderfully possible in the New Year (35 days later...).

To have an open heart and mind. To travel. To stop planning (and pinning!) and start doing. To read and sleep more, complain and eat less. To listen to my heart instead of others. To believe in the good around us. To think bigger.

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