Monday, December 3, 2012

A Tree for Ingrid

Every season brings a new batch of holiday traditions to be remembered or created with Ingrid. It's hard not to get swept-up in the moment. Let's take today for example - as I was a few phone calls away from booking an unnecessarily expensive Breakfast with Santa when a coworker reminded me that we don't have to do everything this year. 

Breakfast with Santa can wait. Wish lists for Santa can wait. Cutting down our family's first real Christmas tree can wait until next year when we're in a bigger place. 

I love that Ingrid only understands a small percentage of what's going around her this month. She loves looking at the Christmas lights twinkling on front yards. Tonight, the holiday section of Target blew her mind as she yelled "Sparkly balls! Sparkly Balls! SPARKLY BALLS!" Hilarious and accurate. 

The decision to postpone the "real" tree was a slight disappointment for me but, I perked up when I saw this little Pinterest-gem: A Felt Tree for Toddlers.

It took Dan five minutes to cut out the tree from green felt, while I created as many ornaments as Ingrid would let me finish. At first she called the ornaments "makeups." It was one of those moments where she looked at me with such conviction as if to say "Excuse me Mom, these felt circles are now referred to as makeups, not 'ornaments'. How old are you?" 

At least once a day, she'll toss her baby to the side and happily jog over to her tree to "pat-pat" her ornaments (felt sticks to felt!). She'll admire her handy work and then aggressively wipe the tree clean and decorate it once again. 

She loves it and uses it daily. It cost roughly $5 and took 20 minutes to create. Our real tree can wait until next year. 

Nice ornament layering. 

Patting the ornaments to make sure they stick.

What's happening?
Someone cut my bangs. 

Although her expression would lead to you believe she's in a tragic situation -
Harper actually loves snuggling under this tree. 

Here's what I used: 
  • 1 yard of cheap green felt 
  • Leftover felt 
  • Double-sided tape 


  1. I saw this one on Pinterest too. I love it! Great job!

    1. Thanks Amanda - this honestly was fast, easy and cheap!


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