Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Big Girl Bed

Earlier this fall, I thought Ingrid was ready to transition to a Big Girl Bed.

Some parenting books and websites recommend this transition once toddlers can climb out of their cribs. I know Ingrid, and Ingrid is not going to climb out of a crib. She just won't. The time felt right because she had napped on beds and was restless in her crib.

After looking into the price of a toddler bed, it was determined that our old twin mattress and box spring would work just fine. We moved the bed into her room, picked out some bright green bedding and plopped Ingrid down on the New Bed and anticipated her excitement. 

Ingrid looked at us like we were insane and started to cry. 

We took her off of the new bed and back into the familiar. Once and a while she would play on the big bed, but beyond that, she wasn't interested. That was, until I had enough of weaving in and out of the numerous pieces of furniture in her room and abruptly transitioned her to her Big Girl Bed.

Looking at the big picture, this is a small step into toddlerhood, and even though I pulled the trigger, it was a surprisingly emotional experience as I watched Dan disassembled the crib.

The first three nights were rough. She would cry for about 10 minutes, climb out of bed and rattle the doorknob. Such a creepy, sad sound.

But not nearly as creepy as the times she magically appears in the doorway. Nothing will scare the shit out of you more than a toddler standing in the doorway whispering "Hi Mama." while clutching and over-sized unicorn pillow.

Now, she happily climbs into bed for storytime, cries a little as you make your way to the door and sleeps throughout the night.

I'm happy to no longer hoist all 25 pounds of her in and out of the crib. She's happy in her big girl bed surrounded by her stuffed Duck and Kitty - but if I'm honest it's another milestone that just arrived expectantly.

When she was 6 months, I knew she would sit up and whenever babies crawled, she crawled.  Now, we're entering into a new stage of development and timing will vary. There isn't a magically time to start potty training or throw away the nuk. Or introduce open cups (you know, non-sippy cups). There are general guidelines, but the cues from Ingrid will be more important than whatever conflicting information I find online.

Today, I bought Ingrid a holiday sippy cup. I was giddy about being able to choose the sippy cup and not the Big Kid cup, because for now, she's just too little. 

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