Wednesday, October 10, 2012

18 Months

At 18 months, Ingrid is: 
  • Funny. 
  • Talkative. 
  • Into the show Bubble Guppies. 
  • Really into books.
  • Really, really into babies. 
  • Gaining control over herself when she spots a yogurt container (opposed to pointing and grunting uncontrollably).
  • Taking a movement class (aka, spinning around with other 18 month-olds).  
  • Into looking at pictures of herself. 
  • Frustrated when you don't know what she wants. Understandably so.
  • Turning to a bit of a snuggler. 
  • Rediscovering bananas.
  • Going through a weird hair stage. 
  • Developing a "real" laugh. 
  • Is growing up. 

Here are a few snapshots of Ingrid at 18 months. Hey, I can stop saying months and say 1 1/2! Or 1.5 if you want to be silly about it: 

My friends, Ingrid and I attended a local Harvest Fest for good ol' fashioned fall fun. Sure, there was a turtle in the petting zoo, crawling next to the goats. Sure, there was a playpen full of dried soybeans for kids. Why not? Ingrid had a blast. We had some fair food, saw some cows and left with apple pies. 


Awkward squat. 

Dan and I enjoyed our friend's birthday celebration with dinner and drinks. And we had some confusion with cameras: 

Ingrid has always loved the great outdoors, a ball and Harper. Put them all together and you have a hilarious combination. Throw ball. Watch Harper run. Laugh hard. Fall to your knees. Repeat. 

Ingrid also loves trees. Loves as in literally hugging and kissing them. So sweet it makes my heart hurt. 

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