Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Awkward and Awesome August

My friends, this summer felt incredibly long - in a good way. Maybe it's the fact Ingrid is a toddler and notices things like cow illustrations on yogurt containers ("Moo! Moo!") and since May, has gone from standing to waddling to walking.

The more she communicates and understands, the more I like her, and the more I like this toddler stage. We're get a little glimpse into her world - when she lets us know she's hungry or wants to play cupcakes (just make really loud lip-smacking sounds and pretend to eat a plastic cupcake. And then secretly pine for a real cupcake.)

Every block walked is a new opportunity to pick up leaves. Every trip to the grocery store is an adventure (and they have so many onions!).

This August, the summer finally slowed down and we all had a much more enjoyable time when we just took it easy and allowed these wonderfully awkward and awesome moments to happen:

  • Hair regrowth. Why didn't anyone warn me about sideburns and baby fuzz along my hairline during pregnancy? Pregnant ladies and moms-to-be, consider yourself warned. 
  • Getting into the show Weeds six years later (boy do I miss cable). 
  • Self check-outs. 
  • Ingrid's bubble blowing skills. 
  • The number of questions I asked during my first shellac manicure. Turns out it's just a super strong gel that lasts for weeks. It's pretty simple, why all the questions? 
  • The amount of time I spent at Family Dollar. 
  • Getting cable from a door-to-door saleslady. She had me at Bravo and "record up to four shows at one time." 
  • Pictures of Ingrid while trying to hold her: 

  • Farmers market with Ingrid. The mini giraffe wanted to try the cinnamon roll too:

  • The parade of kids that marched by playing the following instruments: recorder (natch), flute, drums, trombone and a trumpet. 
  • Ingrid and I were paging through an Anthropologie catalog when she pointed at a model with a messy bun and proudly declared "Mama!" Sure Ingrid, we can roll with that today. 
  • Feeding of (more) stuffed animals: 

  • Trips to the Bay View Alterra, complete with duck races!

  • Ingrid's growing love of the moon. She's loves to watch for it every night: 

As the summer comes to a close, I haven't yet embraced fall with open arms. Even though it's hands-down the best season for everything. I'm still holding onto sweet summer moments and loving my little lady during this wide-eyed wondrous stage. 

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