Thursday, August 30, 2012

On My Playlist - DMB Mercy

What's more polarizing:
  • The heated debate over who Bella should be with in the end. Team Edward or Team Jacob?  
  • The results of our state's painful recall election? 
  • Dave Matthews Band - love 'em or can't stand em'? 

Personally, I always flip-flopped between the vampire and the werewolf and I love me some Dave Matthews. And if you don't - I invite you to reconsider your stance and take a listen to their new song Mercy.

At first, I thought the video was a little cliche but just as vampires pull you in with their sparkly skin and impressive knowledge of classical music - the video got me with their lighthearted take on a serious subject. It's a simple, weird and beautiful group effort.

Take a listen and enjoy your Thursday evening!

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