Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nine Months.

Earlier this week, I came across a real nugget of wisdom in What To Expect The First Year, The Ninth Month, Games Babies Play: 

"Clap Hands. While you sing - 'Clap hands, clap hands, till daddy comes home, 'cause daddy has money and mommy has none.' is the traditional verse - take your baby's hands and show her how to clap." 


At first I was flat-out offended. Then, I furrowed my brow at the absurdity of it all and moved on with the day. But, if Ingrid did earn money for clapping (or am I earning the money as 'mommy'?) - she would earn lots of moneys.

At nine months, Ingrid's dislikes include: going to sleep, loud noises and redirection (away from the cable box and from picking at paint). Ingrid's likes include: crawling (or scooting), the board books cleverly titled - What, Who, Where and Where, yogurt, Harper, newspaper and black beans.

Do you have any black beans? 

Hey You. 

Mmm, it looks like I have four of those little white things now.

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