Sunday, October 23, 2011

She's Already Six Months Old.

Ingrid turned six months old on October 10 - and since then I've been hemming and hawing over what to share and how I feel about her "half birthday." As I packed up her 3-6 month clothes today I fought back tears and told Dan that I felt like crying. To which I received a half-nod of acknowledgement as if to say, "Go for it, but please keep organizing, there are literally five bins of baby shit sprinkled around the apartment."

So, as I folded her little clothes and tucked little jeans, sweaters, sun hats and more into larger sized bins, I realized that she's still going to get bigger. Like 4T bigger.

She's never going to be this size again or this snuggably small again - and it's bittersweet. She's now incredibly expressive and babbles (and "grrrsss") nonstop all day (where did she get that from?). She can roll over, sit up (with some help) and it really just an awesome little person. But she'll probably never need to be swaddled again, won't wear her little strawberry hat and...countless other little, baby things. She won't look like this:

And now she looks like this:
Someone forgot to button me up!

Again, need to stop looking in the rear-view mirror, stop worrying what's around the corner and enjoy the present! At present, Ingrid is taking a nap, Harper is taking a nap, Kitty is taking a nap. Dan and I are enjoying a lazy Packer-game-victory Sunday and deciding what to order from Classic Slice.

Here's another month of memories and milestones:

Ingrid met her little cousin Audri this month (while attending her aunt's baby shower). Ingrid is unsure what to do as numerous ladies were snapping pictures at this time.

Ingrid. Loves. Cups. 

The rare Baby-and-Mom photo.

On neighborhood watch.

Back to school and loving it. Don't let the laptop fool you, his schedule is jam-packed with yoga, art history and sign language. 


Tonight we're featuring, carrots with oatmeal baby flake/food.

Ingrid loves the great outdoors.

Humbolt Park in late September

Fall Colors Tour 2011

Harper's loving the unseasonably warm temps.

Blown away by...


And pumpkins - at Barthel's Fruit Farm.

I can now roll over and make crazy sounds, including DaDa!

Sophie - the "Woody" of toys.

Exosaucer time!

Time to go - we need to order that pizza!

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  1. I need to get my hands on that little peanut. What a cutie - as always!


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